It is not a competitive event and is reserved only to the female public.

The tirth edition of the Laigueglia in pink, organized in Laigueglia (SV) on Sunday the 14th of October 2018 is open to all members of F.C. and Sport Promoting Societies who are subscribed to the F.C. for the year 2108, and to those who have a medical certificate for competitive cycling, and to foreign cyclist who own a membership to UCI and is valid for that year and released by the National Federal Cycling Society, as according to the Model E.  
To the foreign cyclist who do not own the UCI license will have to present, before the beginning of the race, a medical certificate which certifies the eligibility to participate at the agonistic sporting event. This certificate should not be more than a year old from the date of inscription to the event.
The event is free, all the same the Organizers may at any time and at their unchallengeable judgement decide whether to accept an inscription, or accept a subscriber to the event if they think they could cause damage to the image of the event. All the participants are aware of the various risks that could happen to themselves and they take full responsibility of whatever could happen during the event. In all circumstances, the cyclists have to take maximum care to the roads considering that the roads are not closed to the traffic.  The event will apply the 2017 laws regarding tourist and National amateur cycling activity.
Recalling the UCI and FCI regulations, paragraph 1.3.010 and 12.1.013 bis technological fraud, the judges of the race, with the technical support of the organization, are authorized to regular and systematic controls. The non compliance and refusal to these technical checks will determine the immediate disqualification and the reporting to the associations.


Visit the page Registration.


All subscribers will receive a rich racing package.


The route is 71 Km
In the stretches of path between the climbs, the group will travel in a compact way.


The verification of the membership card and the delivery of the race package will be on Saturday the 13th of October (14:30/19:30) and Sunday 14th of October (06:30/08:30) at the Sport centre – Piazzale S.Sebastiano of Laigueglia (SV).


The departure will be at 9:00 from Corso Badarò in Laigueglia.


The arrival will be in Colla Micheri.


Rich refreshments along the route and at the arrival there will be a Pasta Party starting from 12:30 for all the participants.
1st refreshment: LIGO
2nd refreshment: TESTICO


Timing will be done by Official Timer MySDAM with “chip” technology. Each participant must wear their own personal chip or a rented day chip.

-My SDAM A-CHIP personal (round and green) with “Cycling and MTB 2018” ability
-CHAMPIONCHIP YELLOW CHIP personal (round and yellow)
-DAY CHIP MYSDAM upon rental

-write down the number of your personal chip on the registration form
-chips and other chip abilitations are available for purchase on the website or at the “Chip Point” on the race site.
-The day chip can be rented only from the Chip Point at the race at a cost of 5.00 euro, by paying a deposit of 10,00. After returning the chip within 15 minutes of finishing the race the other 5,00 from the deposit will be returned to the participant.
-Prices and related conditions concerning the chip can be found at the following web address:
-BlueChip and other chip types not indicated above cannot be used
-Loss or incorrect use of the chip will result in exclusion from the race results and time attribution.
For chip information: email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. tel 899.199.970 fax 0521.334092


There will be three timed ascents.
Ligo km 3,5
Paravenna km 5,5
Colla Micheri km 2,5


The first 10 women who have summed the least time in the ascent of the two timed sections will be prized.
The first 3 associations by number of starters will be prized.


It is not a competitive event and the roads will be open to the traffic, therefore it is obligatory to respect the road code and the road signs along the route.

Even though the two ascents will be timed the event still remains non-competitive, therefore during these ascents the road code must be respected.


For those who do not have an annual FCI or CONI membership card it is possible to subscribe to a FCI daily membership card for the price of Euro 15.  The membership card should be requested at the moment of the inscription to the secretary, who will regularize the position of the athlete.
It is also necessary to send or present a copy of the medical certificate which attests the health of the participant: * Suitability Certificate for Agonistic Activity.

end faq

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